Tesla’s Next Product Might Go On Your Head

Cory Gunther

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This week we learned that Tesla recently applied for an expansion of its trademark into the audio segment. The company added a trademark to sell audio equipment like speakers or headphones under its brand, suggesting your next Tesla purchase could go on your head.

According to Electrek, Tesla filed for the trademark several weeks ago, but fans only recently uncovered it. Looking over the trademark filing, the company applied for “Tesla” and the “T” logo trademarks in a new audio equipment category.

Why would Tesla do this? Well, Tesla and Elon Musk could be preparing to release their own set of headphones, a move we’ve seen from other car brands, including Mercedes headphones and Lexus, to name a few. Additionally, this could be nothing more than Tesla expanding trademarks as it develops speakers for inside vehicles. Here’s what the trademark filing covers:

“TESLA™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of microphones; headphones; earphones; digital audio players; sound transmitting apparatus; audio speakers; subwoofers; earpads for headphones; audio interfaces; audio equalizer apparatus; horns for loudspeakers; megaphones.”

As you can see, that filing covers a vast range of potential products. It’s important to remember that companies apply for trademarks all the time, often on products they never intend to make or, for whatever reason, don’t end up developing.

It’s worth mentioning that Tesla vehicles already come with excellent sound systems, and they’re getting better with each release. In addition, the company employs former Bang & Olufsen employees, a well-respected name in high-end audio, and this move could be Tesla aiming even higher when it comes to in-car audio and entertainment.

Being Tesla, we really have no clue what to expect. The company could simply upgrade vehicles with Tesla-branded speakers or take on Apple’s expensive AirPods Max with its own set of fancy Tesla noise-canceling headphones. We’ll have to wait and see.

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