Tesla rolls out Full Self Driving 10 beta with more confident decision making

Jon Fingas


Tesla rolls out Full Self Driving 10 beta with more confident decision making

If Tesla's last big Full Self Driving beta was about enabling more semi-autonomous features off the highway, its newest release is focused more on helping you trust those features. Electreknotes Tesla has started rolling out a Full Self Driving 10 beta that, from early reports, appears to make smarter and more confident decisions off the highway. It won't necessarily "blow your mind," as Elon Musk claimed, but it appears to deliver smoother turns, roundabouts and merges. One driver found that it finally navigated San Francisco's twisty Lombard Street without requiring intervention.

Users have also noticed improved visuals. You won't always see as many stats as before, but they appear to be more accurate and stable without as much twitchiness. You'll have a better idea of what the car is seeing, and possibly trust its decisions more as a result.

Highway driving hasn't changed, but that's intentional. Musk said the production-level, non-beta highway navigation is still "more polished" than the Full Self Driving equivalent at the moment. You might not see a truly harmonized approach until the 10.1 release.

It's not clear when regular Tesla owners might see FSD 10. It could be easier to try pre-release versions before long, however. Musk hoped a public option to request the beta would be available along with the 10.1 release that might arrive in as little as two weeks. The improvements won't necessarily justify the steep prices for the FSD package, but you may well be happier with the purchase — if just because you can rely on not-quite-driverless features more often.

Roundabout also very smooth on new #FSDBetapic.twitter.com/bHctiBcG0F

— Tesla Raj (@tesla_raj) September 11, 2021

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