Technics made a black version of its SL-1200 turntable you can actually buy

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Technics made a black version of its SL-1200 turntable you can actually buy

After dipping its toes in the world of Bluetooth earbuds last year, Technics is back to releasing new turntables and audiophile equipment. The company announced a raft of new products on Monday. The SB-G90M2 leads the company's fall lineup. Like the SB-G90, the M2 is a three-way bass reflex speaker pair. It features a two-way coaxial driver that combines a 25mm dome with a 160mm aluminum midrange cone and two 160mm subwoofers. The SB-GM90M2 will go on sale in October, with each one costing $2,699. 

For those who don’t have nearly $3,000 to spend on a single speaker, Technics also announced its new SB-C600 bookshelf speakers. You’ll pay $999 for a pair of them. They went through much of the same design process as the SB-GM90M2 to reduce distortion and vibrations. Each one features a 15cm woofer paired with a 25mm aluminum dome tweeter. You can buy them starting in November.

Technics SU-G700M2

Technics / Panasonic

Alongside the two speakers systems, Technics announced an updated version of its SU-G700 amplifier. The mark two model borrows features from the company’s reference-level SU-R100 amp. Among other features, it includes its JENO anti-jitter and distortion technology. In designing the SU-G700M2, Technics sourced new semiconductor parts, including some made from gallium nitride, to improve power delivery. The company says the new model is more efficient and reactive than its predecessor and better at driving a variety of speakers. There’s also a Phono Input Phase selector to improve playback when you listen to older vinyl albums that were recorded with the inverted phase. The SU-G700M2 goes on sale in October for $2,699. It will be available in both black and silver versions, with the former including an extra “-K” in its model designation.

Lastly, Technics announced a new version of its direct-drive SL-1200 turntable. If the SL-1210G looks familiar, it’s because the company released a limited edition black model of the SL-1200G, known as the SL-1210GAE, back in June 2020. A spokesperson for Technics told What Hi-Fi the SL-1210GAE sold out almost immediately. The SL-1210G then gives those who missed the GAE another chance to get the company’s historic turntable in black. The GAE will cost $3,999 when it goes on sale next month.

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