Sony PSVR 2 is some way off, according to eye-tracking tech firm

Rik Henderson


Sony's next-generation PlayStation VR2 headset has been officially announced but the likelihood of it being available in 2022 seem slim. Indeed, the manufacturer hasn't yet settled on some of its tech yet.

Eye-tracking technology firm Tobii AB released a statement today, Monday 7 February, claiming it is still in talks with Sony to be the eye-tracking systems provider for the forthcoming device.

"[Tobii is] currently in negotiation with Sony Interactive Entertainment to be the eye-tracking technology provider in SIE’s new VR headset, PlayStation VR 2," it said.

That Sony is still talking to companies to provide important features for PSVR 2 means it definitely hasn't entered production yet. And although we're only in February now, the chances of the finished product being fully tested and let loose on consumers by October/November time are near zero, surely?

Still, it's good that the manufacturer places more stock on securing the best tech for its next iteration device than rushing it out to market. Plus, the ongoing issues with chip shortages that have already seen it  reduce its PlayStation 5 sales forecasts for the forthcoming months will more than likely affect the PSVR 2.

At least by the time it finally arrives, it'll be easier to get hold of a PS5 to go with it.

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