SMEG baby monitor concept shows off a cute, retro aesthetic

Ida Torres

Yanko Design

SMEG baby monitor concept

Whenever I pass by the appliance sections of department stores, I am always drawn to the SMEG display, even though I know I will probably not be able to afford any of their stuff. I like the retro aesthetics of the brand that they are able to bring to all their kitchen appliances. I also have no need (and never will) for a baby monitor but this project that imagines what a SMEG baby monitor would look like is still pretty interesting.

Designer: Priyanshu Maiti

The designer studied the design aesthetics and applied it to this project that asked them to create a concept for a baby monitor. The target market is Western and European parents and caretakers belonging to the upper middle class, which is basically SMEG’s market for their kitchen appliances. In keeping with the retro theme, what he came up would fit right in with the other products in their line since his inspiration was their other appliances anyway like the mixer and coffee maker.

The final render shows a baby monitor with a sophisticated but simple and playful look. The design looks like a toy rocket with pastel colors which will make it attractive to kids even though they’re not the target audience for this. When it comes to the features, it has the usual ones that you would need from a baby monitor like the camera, charging port, SD card slot, control buttons. They didn’t really expound much on the features since this is more for the design and aesthetics of the product.

As I said, I really don’t need a baby monitor. But this would be useful for those who need something aesthetic and at the same time something that would help keep their mind at ease when it comes to their children’s safety. Well, at least, we have an idea of what it will look like if ever SMEG does venture into products outside of their kitchen appliances.

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