Smart home tech is thriving right now

Scharon Harding

Ars Technica

The smart home market grew in Q3.

Enlarge / The smart home market grew in Q3. (credit: Yagi Studio/Getty Images)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people spending more time in their homes. And while that has led to investments in home offices and banana bread baking bonanzas, it also gave people a reason to try out some new smart home tech.

According to numbers that research firm IDC shared today, the smart home market has survived "persistent supply chain disruptions, unemployment, and an uneven economic recovery," leading to growth of 10.3 percent in Q3 2021 over Q3 2020.

"The smart home market continues to fare better than other consumer goods during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, although to varying degrees in different regions," Senior Research Analyst Adam Wright said in a statement. "By and large, consumers have shifted their spending priorities from other areas like vacations and going out to eat to focus on adding more comfort, conveniences, and entertainment at home."

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