Skydio is done making consumer drones for you

Emma Roth

The Verge


Skydio is done making drones for consumers. Though the self-flying drone startup has been denying for years it would pivot to enterprise, it confirmed on Thursday that it’s sunsetting its consumer business in favor of creating drones for use by commercial businesses and the public sector.

Skydio began shifting its focus toward government and military use in 2020 with the launch of its self-flying X2 model. In an interview with The Verge at the time, Skydio CEO Adam Bry said that the company had more consumer-facing drones on the way. The only consumer drone it’s released since was a minor update to the Skydio 2 that addressed a few of its shortcomings.

“Our drones are making the core industries that our civilization runs on — public...

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