Sims 4 Spa Day update adds high maintenance Sims and ways to pamper them

Jon Porter

The Verge

Image: Maxis

The Sims 4’s Spa Day Game Pack, which was first released over six years ago in 2015, is receiving a free update this week that adds nail designs created by modder Ebonix. The update, which will be available on September 7th, adds a host of other features including a new “High Maintenance” trait and the ability for child Sims to do yoga and meditation.

There are also new options to get manicures, pedicures, and facial masks, and Sims can earn money by teaching mindfulness, developer Maxis says. Sims can now aspire to be a “Zen Guru,” “Self-Care Specialist,” or simply seek out “Inner Peace.”

So not only do I have a Simself in an OFFICIAL @TheSims Trailer, but I also worked with them to create these beautiful nails for the Spa Day...

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