'Seinfeld' will stream on Netflix starting October 1st

Jon Fingas


'Seinfeld' will stream on Netflix starting October 1st

It took two years, but Netflix is finally ready to stream Seinfeld. Varietyreports that Netflix will make the show about nothing available on October 1st. All nine seasons and 180 episodes will be available, so you can start from the beginning or jump to memorable moments like Elaine's questionable dancing or Jerry's quest to remember a woman's name.

Netflix bought the rights to stream Seinfeld (albeit only for five years) in 2019, wresting the show away from Hulu with promises of access sometime in 2021. However, the eventual timing wasn't great — the series vanished from Hulu this June, leaving Festivus fans in limbo for all of the summer. It's still not clear what prompted that gap, although contract terms might have played a role.

Either way, the deal could be important for Netflix. The service has lost multiple "comfort food" shows to rivals in recent years, including Friends and The Office. Seinfeld might not drive many new subscriptions, but it could keep people from jumping ship as they look for a show to stream in the background while they wash dishes or finish their homework.

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