Segway’s Navimow robot will mow your lawn using GPS

Kim Lyons

The Verge

The Segway Navimow robot uses GPS to navigate your lawn as it mows | Segway

Segway has introduced its first robot mower, the Navimow, that uses GPS to stay on your lawn and keep it neatly trimmed. So unlike other robot mowers, you won’t have to install a boundary wire to keep the robot on the right patch of grass.

Segway says its Exact Fusion Locating System keeps the Navimow to “precise positions and systematic mowing patterns,” keeping its position accurate to within two centimeters. If its GPS signal is temporarily weak, the Navimow has sensors that will keep it mowing.

Users define the boundaries of the area to be mowed for the Navimow using its smartphone app, including giving it directions for which areas to avoid. Segway says the Navimow’s algorithm “determines a systemic mowing path,” and doesn’t have...

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