Samsung's Bixby now supports text-to-speech in English calls

Mariella Moon


Samsung Bixby

Last year, Samsung introduced a feature called "Text Call" for Bixby with One UI 5, which essentially transforms voice calls into written text and vice versa. It was initially available in Korean, but now the company has launched support for the feature in (US) English. The feature lets users answer calls by typing a message that Bixby will then read out loud to the caller. It can also transcribe what the caller says, making it a pretty useful tool for those hard of hearing or for anyone taking a call in a noisy environment. 

While Bixby has several voice options, Samsung is giving users the capability to personalize the voice it uses to answer calls. They can use the new Bixby Custom Voice Creator to record a few sentences, allowing the assistant to analyze their voice and tone and then use artificial intelligence to mimic what they sound like. At the moment, though, both features come with limitations: Voice creator is only available in Korean on the Galaxy S23 series. Meanwhile, Text Call as a whole can only be accessed on Galaxy S23 devices, the Z Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4.

In addition to English support for Text Call, Samsung has also rolled out the capability to customize Bixby's wake word into whatever the user wants. The assistant can now also play music that fits whatever workout is playing on Samsung Health and save schedules on the Calendar app. Finally, Samsung has expanded the things it can do offline, including setting timers, taking screenshots and switching on the flashlight.

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