Samsung unveils two premium soundbars with 3D surround sound, Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony

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Samsung unveils two premium soundbars with 3D surround sound, Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony

To accompany its 2022 Neo QLED 8K TV lineup, Samsung has announced two premium soundbars: HW-Q990B and HW-S800B. The latest soundbars promise to deliver an immersive sound experience and feature modern designs to complement your Samsung TV.

Samsung HW-Q990B

The HW-Q990B is the most premium and expensive of the duo. It delivers 3D surround sound using 11:1:4 channel speakers and Dolby Atmos. When connected to a Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV, the speaker can utilize up to 22 channels (16 channels of the soundbar and 6 channels of the TV) to output “overwhelming 3D stereophonic sound that has never been felt before.”

Samsung HW-Q990B and HW-S800B soudbars on display

The HW-Q990B has a feature called Q-Symphony, which can utilize the soundbar and TV speakers at the same time to create an optimal surround sound experience. While the Q-Symphony feature was present on previous Samsung soundbars as well, it could only access some speakers on the TV. In contrast, the new version can use all speakers available on your TV to deliver a richer sound experience.

The speaker can also connect to your TV through Wi-Fi without needing an HDMI cable for a cord-cutting setup. In addition, you also get features like SpaceFit sound and Auto EQ to help you tune the sound to your liking. The speaker is made out of metal and features an LED display status window on the front to let you easily monitor the status of the device and other information.

Samsung HW-S800B

A lady holding the Samsung HW-S800B soundbar

The Samsung HW-S800B is an ultra-slim soundbar, measuring 38mm in height and 40mm in thickness. Samsung says it’s the best option for The Frame TV owners as it can be hung on the wall and doesn’t protrude. It comes in black and white colors with brown and teak cover skins that match The Frame arriving later this year.

The HW-S800B features two speakers on the left and right sides and uses 3.1.2 channels with Dolby Atmos support.

Pricing & availability

The HW-Q990B and HW-S800B soundbars are priced at 1.89 million won (~$1,555) and 899,000 won (~$739), respectively. The speakers are currently limited to South Korea. There’s no word on a subsequent international launch at the moment.

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