Samsung TVs will soon provide better video calling, gaming, and workout experiences

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Samsung TVs will soon provide better video calling, gaming, and workout experiences

At its Samsung Developer Conference on Tuesday, Samsung announced several new features and services coming to Samsung smart TVs.

One of the areas that Samsung is focusing on is video communication. Samsung says it teamed up with Google to improve its TVs’ video calling experience with features like AI-enabled focus and zoom. When you connect a supported webcam to a Samsung smart TV, it automatically detects your face using AI and enlarges it to put you in the perfect frame.

The company is also making it easier for developers to release their camera services and apps on Samsung TVs and is working on improving compatibility with external webcams. In addition, Samsung even plans to add support for older smartphones to be used as a webcam.

Samsung Health service on TVs will take advantage of an external webcam to enable new features like analyzing your movements and providing you real-time feedback on your workout. All computing and analyzing happen locally on your TV’s NPU unit, so data never goes to Samsung’s servers.

Next up, Samsung is developing a gaming extension to enable HDR10+ gaming on supported smart TVs. The extension offers automated HDR display calibration, instant source tone mapping, and variable refresh rates up to 120Hz. Moreover, Samsung is also introducing an open picture quality metadata standard that provides optimal display configuration based on what title you’re playing. The feature works over HDMI as well as over a wireless network.

In addition, Samsung is optimizing the cloud gaming performance on its TVs with a dedicated video streaming pipeline that implements a tight flow control optimized for latency. The video pipeline also automatically optimizes resolution and the refresh rate based on network conditions. Finally, Samsung says it’s working on adding working on to resolve compatibility issues and adding support for more gaming controllers. Currently, more than 10 gaming controllers are officially supported. Samsung says that number will increase once it adds support for the standard protocol for Bluetooth and USB HID device profiles.

Elsewhere, Samsung TVs will be getting new accessibility features powered by AI. These include automatically positioned Closed Captions that don’t overlap with the text shown within the content, the ability to magnify the sign language area, and a 3D avatar feature that translates some of the TV menus into sign language.

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