Samsung Teases Its Wild Multi-Folding Phone Prototypes

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Galaxy Z Multi-folding phone


Several years before Samsung ever released the first Galaxy Fold, we saw prototypes of the device at events. And now that we’re on the 3rd generation Z Fold, Samsung Display is back and teasing us with a few more wild designs. Only this time, the phone folds twice and has even more screens.

Multiple new Samsung foldable prototypes are currently on display at IMID 2021 (the International Meeting for Information Displays) and a unique flexible smart home speaker device. The most notable prototype is the dual-folding “Flex in and out” Galaxy Z Fold which has at least three screens on the inside instead of only two.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show the device actually folding, which makes us wonder if it’s an actual working prototype or not. However, we can clearly tell this is inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and makes you wonder if we’ll be seeing something like the device above in the next few years.

Additionally, Samsung shows off a unique “AI Smart Speaker” that can double as a smart display in your home or office. So instead of having a portable speaker or something like a Google Nest Home Hub, you could have one device that does both.

This prototype is essentially a speaker wrapped in a flexible AMOLED display. The screen flexes outwards and unwinds from the speaker when needed, turning into a large tablet-size 12.4-inch HD display to deliver useful content. This would be a great device to have in an office, living room, or even the kitchen.

It’s important to remember that these are only prototypes showing off Samsung Display’s technology. Still, just like the original Fold, we wouldn’t be shocked to see these available on store shelves in the coming years.

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