Samsung launches SmartThings Home Life to make the connected home even easier

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Samsung launches SmartThings Home Life to make the connected home even easier

At the company’s Bespoke Home 2022 event, Samsung revealed the brand new SmartThings Home Life. Rolling out to 97 countries later in June, SmartThings Home Life promises a “more holistic smart home experience.”

The new service will be integrated into the existing SmartThings application, providing centralized and integrated control over all your smart home goodies. It’s also worth remembering that Samsung is one of the founding partners of the new Matter standard launching later this year.

“SmartThings Home Life expands the quality of your life at home and puts you in control, all from your smartphone. In the SmartThings app, simply tap the “Life” tab to navigate to SmartThings Home to unlock a new level of home connectivity.”

Samsung SmartThings Home Life

SmartThings Home Life will integrate six key areas covering Samsung’s own hardware as well as that provided by OEM partners.

  • SmartThings Cooking – Find recipes, auto-set appliances, manage shopping lists, and more. Utilizes Whisk’s Food AI to recommend personalized recipes and meal plans. Communicates with all Samsung smart kitchen appliances.
  • SmartThings Energy – Take control of your energy consumption with real-time information on how much you’re using and where in the home you’re using it. Will also automatically enable energy-saving modes on connected home devices.
  • SmartThings Clothing Care – Connects clothing care devices to provide services based on your lifestyle, as well as features such as customized garment care options and reminders to buy supplies.
  • SmartThings Pet Care – When your pet is home alone SmartThings can automatically play music or TV shows for them, as well as set connected appliances like lights and air conditioners to create a comfortable environment.
  • SmartThings Home Care – Keep tabs on all your Samsung connected devices and receive notifications on recommended maintenance and easy troubleshooting.
  • SmartThings Air Care – Monitor air quality inside and outside the home while having total control over air conditioning and purifiers.

In addition, the Family Hub, around since 2016, is due for some love and attention.

“ In its latest update launching in July, Family Hub’s new features offer even more entertainment, smart features, and connectivity to the kitchen. ”

Said features include Smart Reorders and a bunch of entertainment options so even your fridge can be part of the party. Oh, and Samsung is making sure you can use Alexa and Bixby on the same devices. Because you wouldn’t want to be without Bixby, would you.

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