Samsung is Sending Out Updates to Over 500 Million Old Phones

Furqan Shahid


Samsung is Sending Out Updates to Over 500 Million Old Phones

It is no surprise that there are a lot of Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are no longer officially supported. However, earlier this month, Samsung decided to push the update to some of those phones and it turns out that the company is pushing the same update to a lot of old Galaxy phones including Galaxy S5 Neo, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy A7 (2018)

Samsung Updating Phones That Have Been Long Discontinued Shows How Committed the Company Is

Similar to the updates that Samsung released on the other phone, the latest update for older Galaxy phones is going to address a GPS connectivity and stability issue that people are facing.

Samsung has not confirmed the reason why this update is coming out to the old phones, to be honest. There is a theory that Samsung may have decided to go for that because there were some flaws that needed fixing.

Whatever the case might be, it actually is good to see Samsung working on resolving issues that have been around for the longest time. There is no denying that the company has done a great job at ensuring that the phones are still being supported.

Now, for those wondering, Samsung has been consistent as far as the updates are concerned with their modern phones, and if we have not heard anything alarming about the updates or the software, in general. Then you do not have to worry about anything.

It is also worth noting that officially, none of these Samsung phones are supported. So, the fact that they are getting updates from the company goes to show that Samsung does care about the users and probably found out that there is something that needs to be fixed and decided to push the update, right away.

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