Samsung is Looking Forward to Cutting Your Repair Costs

Furqan Shahid


Samsung is Looking Forward to Cutting Your Repair Costs

Samsung Electronics could be planning on doing something big by doubling down on its recycling efforts. The company is apparently looking into launching a mobile device repair program that will repurpose recycled components. This means that the cost of replacing certain parts could be lowered, too.

The goal here is to reduce the waste by repurposing used hardware through the mobile device repair program. The company would reportedly offer manufacturer-certified recycled parts as replacements, and will also make sure that the parts are on par with new components in terms of quality.

Samsung Could Soon Let You Repair Your Phones with Affordable and Recycled Parts

Samsung Electronics is apparently considering launching the recycling mobile device repair program within the next few months. Apparently, before H2 2022. Once the program is live, this would allow the customers to get a recycled smartphone screen replacement at half the price of a new one.

Samsung recently announced a DIY repair program, partnering up with iFixit; this one could be launching sometime in the summer, and launching a repair program based on recycled parts could be the next step in making the overall repairability much easier and cost-effective, as well.

However, we are still not sure about the whole aspect of the ability to repair your phones yourself and do it at a cut cost, as well. We will keep you posted as there is more information on this new direction.

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