Samsung is launching its first HDR10+ gaming displays

Umar Shakir

The Verge

Redout 2 playing on an unnamed HDR10+ gaming display | Image: Samsung

Samsung has announced its first displays that will support the HDR10+ Gaming standard, an expanded games-focused version of HDR10 that can also calibrate automatically. HDR10+ Gaming was initially announced in October, but now Samsung reveals that its new 2022 lineup of QLED TVs (Q70 and above) and gaming monitors will be the first to support the standard.

Samsung partnered with Saber Interactive to bring support for HDR10+ to Redout 2 and Pinball FX, which will both be showcased at CES 2022 (as long as the game developer doesn’t drop out). Also, Game Mechanic Studios will have its HDR10+ gaming title Happy Trails and the Kidnapped Princess on the floor.

The games Samsung is touting are in contrast to major games available on the...

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