Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might have a bigger battery

Max Freeman-Mills


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might have a bigger battery

A new leak has suggested that the next version of Samsung's excellent Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 5, will pack in a bigger battery compared to the last iteration, a small change that could have welcome effects.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a 247mAh battery that translates to roughly two days of normal use before you have to charge it, which isn't too terrible at all. That said, any improvement is always welcome.

A new regulatory filing, though, has been spotted by SamMobile, and points to a new model number from Samsung, SM-R900, carrying a larger 276mAh battery.

That's obviously not the most enormous jump in size, but if the watch can also bring some more efficiency from its software then you could notice a nice improvement in how long it lasts.

It'll still be a number of months before we expect to hear anything concrete about the watch from Samsung itself, but this is a heartening indication that it could be trying to squeeze in the sort of enhancements that regular users might actually notice.

Whether the next Galaxy Watch can pack in any further updates to improve itself will remain to be seen, too. We'd expect any announcement about the watch to come in roughly August 2022, if it tracks with when the Galaxy Watch 4 was announced last year.

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