Samsung accused of faking Galaxy S23 Ultra’s amazing moon photos

Chris Smith


Samsung Galaxy S23

Nightography is one of the selling points of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the entire S23 series. In recent years, all smartphone makers have been on a crusade to improve low-light photography, Samsung included. And Samsung has been using photos of the moon that were seemingly shot with devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra to prove its point.

It turns out, however, that Samsung might have been lying to us all along. The photos of the moon look too good to be true because they are supposedly not real. Samsung might use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect the moon in shots and then place an overlay on top of the image you shoot. The result is supposedly a gorgeous moon photo that's simply not real.

A Redditor created a simple experiment that anyone can repeat to show that the moon pics they shoot with their Galaxy S flagship aren't real.

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