Samsung Accidentally Leaks the Galaxy S21 FE’s Price

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The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 will debut in 2022, and it won’t be cheap. As reported by Softpedia, Samsung accidentally listed the Galaxy S21 FE on its Irish webstore, pointing to a €769 price tag for the 128GB base model.

That comes out to about $865 USD—you know, $165 more than the Galaxy S20 FE’s launch price in 2020. While there’s no guarantee that this leaked price is accurate (bear in mind that pricing may differ by region), it lines up with previous leaks indicating a higher price than Samsung’s previous FE release.

A screenshot of the Irish S21 FE listing (769 euros).

A screenshot of the Irish S21 FE listing, which Samsung took down. Softpedia

Unfortunately, we’re not sure why the S21 FE costs more than its predecessor. Supply shortages forced Samsung to delay the phone in mid-2021, likely because the company had trouble sourcing Snapdragon 888 chips.

This leak does prove one interesting point, though. Samsung accidentally listed the S21 FE in an olive color, confirming one of the many colorways leaked earlier this year. There’s a decent chance that the other leaked colorways, including the lavender and navy blue options, are also real.

We don’t know when Samsung will announce or launch the Galaxy S21 FE. And while previous leaks point to a Snapdragon 888 processor, such leaks are now half a year old. When Samsung finally debuts the S21 FE, its specs may be a lot different from what we expected in June of 2021.

Source: Softpedia News via TechRadar

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