Rode has launched a new gaming division along with two new mics and streaming software

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Rode has launched a new gaming division along with two new mics and streaming software

Rode has announced a new sub-brand aimed at streamers and content creators. Rode X, as it's known, is starting off with two new microphones and a powerful virtual mixing software aimed at streamers. 

Rode X has been established to deliver cutting-edge audio solutions that meet the unique needs of streamers and gamers. 

One such thing is its UNIFY software - a virtual mixing solution that's been custom designed for streamers. This is said to be an easy-to-use solution that offers the functionality of multiple apps in one single software. 

UNIFY is able to allow the mixing and routing of up to four different USB mics and various other audio devices as well as six virtual audio sources (such as game audio, music and Discord chat sounds) all in one place. This means streamers can then output different mixes through their streaming software, to their friends on Discord and to their own gaming headset. Allowing for plenty of flexibility and a high-quality streaming experience too. 

Rode says that UNIFY also has studio-grade audio processing, voice and sound effects, multi-track recording options and much more. It's going to be free with Rode X products or is available to purchase with a monthly or yearly subscription to use with non-Rode peripherals. 

For streamers, this should be a brilliantly powerful tool for a premium stream feel and plenty of control over all your audio sources too. 

Rode X XDM-100 and XCM-50 microphones

Alongside the UNIFY software, the company has also revealed two microphones, the XDM-100 and XCM-50.

The XDM-100 is a dynamic USB microphone crafted with Rode's ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and high-res 24-bit/48 kHz capabilities. Rode says you can expect rich broadcast audio from this mic with excellent clarity and superb noise rejection too. 

The XCM-50 meanwhile is a condenser USB microphone that's also optimised for streamers with warm voice presence and highlights including an internal pop shield and shock mount so you'll sound great on stream. 

Combine these mics with UNIFY and you can unlock digital signal processing with advanced APHEX audio processing to further enhance your voice. This includes tweaks with compressor, noise gate, high-pass filters and various high-quality Rode effects including Aural Exciter and Big Bottom. 

Both mics are available now with the XCM-50 retailing for $149 US and the XDM-100 is available for $249.

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