Razer's Enki Pro HyperSense gaming chair comes with built in haptics

Adrian Willings


Razer has revealed a number of things during CES 2022 including updates to its Razer Blade line-up and a modular desk in the form of Project Sophia.

Now the company is also showing off its latest gaming chair in the form of the Enki Pro HyperSense. An advanced gaming chair that packs in some high-fidelity haptics designed to deliver lifelike feedback while you're gaming. That's right, now you'll be able to feel the feedback in your posterior.

Razer has collaborated with D-BOX to create a gaming chair like no other. One that not only gives you authentic feedback while you're playing your favourite games but also shines with integrated Chroma RGB lighting in the headrest. 

With what it calls "the most advanced gaming chair to date" the company is promising to transform your gaming, movie watching and music listening experience with cutting edge haptics. 

The Razer Enki Pro HyperSense is set to support as many as 2,200 games natively including F1 2021, Forza Horizon 5 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla. So you'll be able to feel every corner of the track and immerse yourself in the gaming experience too.  Even when games aren't natively supported, you'll still feel the feedback thanks to Direct Input Haptics. So even controller, keyboard and mouse inputs will create feedback. 

This chair also boasts 65,000 haptic variations with varying levels of feedback and real-time synchronisation to ensure you're really feeling what's happening when it happens. 

The Razer Enki Pro HyperSense promises to deliver a new dimension to your gameplay. And represents an interesting upgrade to the company's already popular gaming chair line-up.

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