Razer Updates The Blade 14 With Ryzen 9 7940HS, Up to RTX 4070 and 32 GB DDR5-5600

Gavin Bonshor


Razer Blade 14

Despite running late and experiencing shipping delays, AMD's latest Zen 4 mobile chips with RDNA 3 graphics and Ryzen AI, the Ryzen 7040HS mobile chips, are becoming more widely available. Razer has adopted the Ryzen 7040HS series notebooks for its flagship Blade 14 model, which is powered by a Ryzen 9 7940HS and is available either with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 (140 W TGP) or the higher spec RTX 4070 (140 W TGP). Starting at $2400 and up to $2800, Razer claims the latest Blade 14 with the AMD Ryzen 7940HS is the most powerful Blade 14 they've ever created.

Outside of the latest Razer Blade 14 powered by AMD's Ryzen 7940HS 8C/16T mobile Zen 4 chip, it has seemingly felt like ages since AMD first announced the Ryzen 7040HS series back at CES 2023. Expected back in Spring, AMD looks to have worked out any kinks and started shipping their Ryzen 7040HS mobile parts more widely to its partners and vendors, with various new notebooks from multiple vendors set to launch imminently.

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