Razer Strider Mousepad Review: Covering All the Bases, and Your Desk Too

Eric Schoon

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Razer Strider "Large" and "XXL" Mousepads on carpeted flooring

Eric Schoon

Razer is taking another crack at mousepads with the Strider, producing its most subdued mousepad to date. There’s no RGB like the Firefly V2 or even a green trim like on Gigantus V2. But behind the subtle style lies high-quality construction, with accuracy and smoothness at the forefront.

Notably, the Strider is available in two sizes: large, which measures 450 x 400 mm, and XXL, which measures 950 x 410 mm. I used the XXL for most of this review, but otherwise, these are the same for material and construction. The Large is the more affordable of the two at $29.99, while the XXL comes in at $49.99.

Subtle Style, Subtle Features

As I’ve already mentioned, the Strider isn’t doing much in the looks department to wow you. It’s an all-black mousepad, with the only flourish being a very small Razer logo on the top right. This means the Strider can fit into any office without issue, at the cost of being sort of boring. I’ve been a big fan of using larger mousepads (or deskmats as they’re sometimes called) for a while now, and one of my favorite parts about them is that they can feature large, expressive designs to spice up your desk. Because of that, I find the limited choice here somewhat disappointing, but I guess it’s better to be boring than obnoxiously garish.

The XXL black Razor Strider mousepad on a desk with a keyboard and mouse.

Eric Schoon

While it may not visually impress, the Strider is, without a doubt, a quality mousepad. The stitched edge and water resistant material ensure it will be around for the long run, it can roll up for storage without leaving lasting bends or creases, and the surface combines the best parts of smooth and hard mousepads.

Close-up of Razer Strider mousepad stitched edge

Eric Schoon

What does that mean? Well, Razer advertises the Strider’s “firm gliding surface” and “foamy base” as things that are supposed to make the simple act of moving your mouse feel nicer. A softer mousepad has an easier time stopping your mouse for improved accuracy, and a firmer mousepad allows for smoother movement. The Strider manages to get the best of both worlds—this is a smooth mousepad, and moving your mouse is extremely easy while remaining accurate. Will you actually notice the improved accuracy in daily use? That’s a bit tougher to say.

At the end of the day, this will only make a major impact on you if you do some form of competitive gaming. If you’re just navigating your computer generally, being able to more accurately click the Start menu won’t do much for you. So while it’s a cool thing for Razer to focus on, and certainly doesn’t make the Strider worse by any means, it’s also probably not going to change your life.

However, the Strider does include something more useful that most mousepads don’t: water resistance. After some … forceful testing, I’d say the Strider does an excellent job repelling water. If it gets absolutely drenched, it only takes a little bit of air-drying to be usable again, and if it’s a smaller spill, then wiping it off with a towel is more than enough. So if, like me, you keep drinks on your desk, the Strider goes a long way towards easing your mind.

It’s Just a Big Mousepad, but It’s a Pretty Good One

Razer Strider XXL mousepad on carpeted floor

Eric Schoon

The Strider’s a straightforward item with a somewhat hefty price tag. Similar premium mousepads I’ve used in the past only reached around $30, but the Strider bumps things up to $50 if you get the largest size.

So, is it worth it? I’d say yes. While there are plenty of options for this type of thing, and you’re definitely paying extra for the brand, the Strider’s high-end build quality really shines here. It was obviously designed to first and foremost make moving your mouse around feel nicer, which was achieved while also throwing in other advantages like water resistance.

Whether you’re a competitive gamer who needs more accuracy or just want to slightly improve navigating your computer, the Strider is an excellent pick-up in either size.

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