Razer no longer claims its Zephyr mask uses ‘N95-grade’ filters

Cameron Faulkner

The Verge

Razer Zephyr Pro


Razer’s popular $100 Zephyr mask isn’t a replacement for PPE (because it isn’t PPE), but its announcement of the Zephyr Pro last week spurred a surge of claims that the company had overstated the masks’ protection. Razer responded by scrubbing every instance of “N95-grade” from the mask’s product page late last week (via PC Mag).

Previously, Razer used N95 in multiple places to describe the filtration and efficacy of its replaceable filters, which were referred to as “N95-grade” because of their 99 percent bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE). Razer now refers to them as “air purification filters.” While Razer claims that testing showed its filters meet a 95 percent particulate filtration efficiency (PFE), the entire mask (not just the...

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