Razer Made Finger Sleeves for Mobile Gaming, and No That’s Not Stupid

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You’ve probably heard of fingerless gloves, but Razer’s new product is almost the opposite thing. The company’s new finger sleeves slip of your index fingers or thumbs (or why not both!). In theory, they should enhance mobile gaming sessions by blocking sweat slippage.

If the term sweat slippage grossed you out, apologies, but it’s a real issue in the competitive mobile gaming realm. Long, intense sessions on a phone or tablet can lead to sweaty digits, which in turn can hurt a gaming session. As the sweat pours, it both causes your fingers to slip across the display when you don’t want it, and it interferes with touch sensors, too.

The Razer Finger Sleeves promise to solve all that for a mere $10, which nets you two sleeves. Slip them on your thumbs or index fingers, and Razer says the “high-sensitivity silver fiber for enhanced aim and control” will keep your digits cool and absorb any sweat. The sleeves work with tablets and phones by incorporating silver fibers, similar to touch-friendly gloves you might wear in the winter.

And before you say Razer’s just making products up, you should know gaming finger sleeves have been around a while, and there are dozens of options on Amazon. Razer’s take is even competitively priced, though you can spend a similar amount and get more sleeves on Amazon.

Razer says the sleeves are thin enough you’ll still get the sensation of touch. That means they’re pretty lightweight, too, and shouldn’t cause any fatigue issues. If you’re interested, you can order the Finger Sleeves from Razer’s site.

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Razer Finger Sleeves


Razer Finger Sleeves

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If you game on smartphones or tablets all the time, you’ve probably dealth with sweat issues. Razer promises these sleeves will give you the edge.

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