Razer Launches a New Compact Keyboard: The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog

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Razer Launches a New Compact Keyboard: The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog

Keyboards are one of the essential tools for a computer. They’re used for everything; browsing the internet, playing games, or even, writing the very article you’re reading. The second of that list is what we’re discussing today, as Razer has a brand-new keyboard available to buy right now.

Razer is known for delivering top-notch quality for controllers, headsets, keyboards, and mice since 2005, and has several designs to their name, such as the Razer Chroma RGB (a lighting technology supporting thousands of devices and hundreds of games and apps) and Razer Synapse (an Internet of Things platform)

Their newest keyboard, dubbed the Huntsman Mini Analog, is no different. It’s a compact tenkeyless Keyboard (it has no Numpad on the right-hand side, and is smaller), and has a unique, brand new feature, with new customization centered around it; that would be the analog optical switches in its keys.

These new keys, alongside Razer’s various customization tools, allow for “a finer degree of control to gaming with adjustable analog sensitivity presets, and double keymapping for digital/analog inputs.” Your keys can essentially have multiple presets available for multiple functions bound to a single key, such as having walking and running bound to the same key in an FPS.

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog also has other quality features, such as

  • its Doubleshot PBT keycaps (granting a long-lasting, textured finish that persists through extended use)
  • An aluminum-made construction for further durability of the compact frame, and
  • A detachable Type-C cable for easy portability

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is an ideal option for LAN players, fans of minimalist gaming setups, or those wanting to conserve physical space, while also delivering the precision and control that’s required by today’s popular games. The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is available now at Razer.com, in stores at Razer Store locations, and at select retailers for $149.99 USD.

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