Qualcomm is salty about Pixel’s switch to Tensor but really shouldn’t be

Emma Roth

The Verge

The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro lineup

Image: Google

The Google Pixel 6 phones will ditch Snapdragon chips for an in-house design, and Qualcomm is clearly feeling a little hurt about it. Qualcomm couldn’t help but throw some shade at Google — in the form of a red flag meme on Twitter (via 9to5Google). In August, Google revealed its Tensor chip, which will make a proper debut at the Pixel 6 event on Tuesday. This marks the end of an era where Pixel phones — and most of Google’s earlier Nexus line — relied on Snapdragon SoCs.

The red flag meme started as a way to identify silly “warning signs” when dating but has since evolved to the point where it can apply to almost anything. Qualcomm came up with this questionable take on the meme, implying that Google’s choice to swap out the Snapdragon...

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