Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner calibration tool is failing for some users

Kishan Vyas

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Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner calibration tool is failing for some users

The in-display fingerprint scanner of the Pixel 6 series has been subject to a lot of controversies. Many users have complained about the slow speed and inconsistent performance of the scanner and while Google has tried to address this with software updates, it’s still not on par with other flagship smartphones. Now we’re hearing yet another controversy surrounding the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner.

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According to multiple reports (via 9to5Google), the fingerprint scanner calibration tool isn’t working as intended for some users. The calibration tool is part of the Google Pixel Update and Repair Tool suite. When you replace the display of your Pixel 6 by yourself, the fingerprint scanner stops working. To make it work again, you have to run the fingerprint sensor calibration tool after replacing the display — you’ll also need to factory reset your phone after. But as pointed out by YouTuber Louis Rossmann, this calibration tool is failing for many users, leaving Pixel 6 owners who replace the display unofficially with a dead fingerprint scanner.

The issue seems to affect both DIY and in-store repairs. When the calibration tool fails, it throws up a message saying “Couldn’t find the unique calibration software for this device.” And unfortunately, there’s no way to get past this error.

“I replaced my pixel 6 pro display, and as suggested by many people, the fingerprint sensor stopped working. When I try to install the fingerprint sensor calibration software, it says “Couldn’t find the unique calibration software for this device” right after it starts downloading,” wrote a Pixel 6 user in a thread on Google’s IssueTracker.

It’s unclear how widespread this issue is. But in any case, until Google fixes the calibration tool, it’s a good idea to have your display replaced by the official Google service center.

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