Philips Hue partners with Spotify to turn all your lights into a music visualizer

Jacob Kastrenakes

The Verge

A person on a bed listening to music with way too many pink and purple lights in their room

Image: Signify

If you’ve got a home full of Hue lights, there’s an easy new way to set the mood for your next party. Signify, which makes the Philips Hue line, is partnering with Spotify so that your lightbulbs can automatically sync up with whatever music you have playing, changing color and flashing along to the beat.

There are already plenty of ways to sync your lights to music — including Signify’s own Hue Sync app — but those methods typically require letting an app or some external hardware listen in on everything you’re playing. This new partnership avoids that by letting the Hue Bridge tap directly into Spotify to see what’s playing once you’ve linked your accounts.

A Hue Bridge and color bulbs are required

That close partnership is also...

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