Panasonic announces FInal Fantasy XIV edition wearable gaming speaker

Rik Henderson


Panasonic has introduced a Final Fantasy XIV edition of its SoundSlayer GN01 wearable gaming speaker.

First announced during Gamescom in 2021, the speaker sits around your neck like a travel pillow and gives you a more accurate personal surround sound experience than a pair of headphones.

That's because it contains four full-range speakers around the band, plus a noise and echo-cancelling microphone for in-game chat.

The new edition has been created with the Final Fantasy Online team and is adorned with dedicated decals for fans of the hugely popular MMORPG series.

The speaker can be connected to pretty much any gaming source through either USB or its 3.5mm jack (into a DualSense or Xbox Wireless Controller, for example).

It comes with three specific audio modes tuned in association with Final Fantasy's developer/publisher Square Enix - role-playing game, first-person shooter, and voice to enhance dialogue in games where there is more talking than action.

There is also a cinema mode if you just want to sit back, chill and watch a movie.

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