Oppo working on a classic Kodak-inspired Find X3 Pro?

Cam Bunton


A recent leak claims Oppo is working on a new version of its flagship phone or - more specifically - it sounds like Oppo is making a special edition version of the Find X3 Pro.

While many reports have speculated this is Oppo and Kodak working together on a phone, that's not the way it appears from the original post. 

Digital Chat Station - a regular leaker on Weibo - says there's a new version of an Oppo flagship coming, with a design that pays tribute to a classic Kodak camera. 

Translated into English using Google Translate, it reads: "The new version of the Green Factory Flagship is coming. The design pays tribute to Kodak, with a small hint with the picture. Other images are still classic 50mp IMX766 dual main camera + 13mp 2x telephoto + 3mp microscope."

The name of the phone isn't translated correctly, but looking at the list of sensors at the end of the post, it's identical to the Find X3 Pro. 

That suggests to us that the rumour is Oppo is making a Find X3 Pro with a different design. That would certainly make more sense than Oppo working with a long-dead camera company on the actual hardware in its phone. 

It could be a similar approach to how we've seen brand tie-ins before, like Oppo's Lamborghini and Barcelona edition phones, OnePlus' McLaren F1, JCC or Star Wars phones, and Realme's recent Master Edition models

Often times these special editions are limited or only available in select markets, so if this rumour is true that could be a similar situation here. 

That - of course - is the crux. Until it's officially announced, it is just a rumour, so maybe don't get your hopes up just yet.

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