OPPO shows off a retractable camera ahead of INNODAY 2021

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OPPO shows off a retractable camera ahead of INNODAY 2021

OPPO is all set to host its annual OPPO INNO DAY event in China next week, where the Chinese smartphone maker will showcase cutting-edge smartphone hardware, concept products, and other technological achievements. Ahead of the event, OPPO has teased a self-developed retractable camera that could debut on an upcoming OPPO flagship.

OPPO’s global Twitter account has shared a teaser video of an in-house retractable camera solution, giving us a sneak peek at this coming camera tech. The teaser video shows an unspecified OPPO smartphone featuring a retractable camera structure that allows the lens to physically move in and out.

Most pop-ups are annoying…

But not our self-developed retractable camera! 😉

Explore more in INNO WORLD on 14/12.#OPPOINNODAY2021 pic.twitter.com/33hgJSw8If

— OPPO (@oppo) December 7, 2021

The video also implies that OPPO was able to fit in the retractable camera without compromising water resistance. In addition, the smartphone also seems to have a fall detection mechanism that would presumably protect the retractable camera module from accidental falls and drops when it’s in active use.

An OPPO smartphone with a retractable camera OPPO retractable camera covered in water droplets

Finally, the teaser reveals that the camera in question has a 1/1.58-inch sensor, a 50mm equivalent focal length, and an f/2.4 aperture. OPPO didn’t share any other technical details of its retractable camera. The retractable camera may allow OPPO to offer real optical zoom from the main camera without having to use a secondary telephoto or periscope lens.

We expect to learn more about the new retractable camera at OPPO’s INNO DAY 2021 event, which takes place on December 14, 2021.

OPPO isn’t the first smartphone OEM to develop a retractable camera. In January last year, Xiaomi showcased its self-developed Retractable Wide-Aperture Lens Technology. Xiaomi’s camera design features a retractable optical structure that can lodge within the phone and extend out when needed.

What do think about OPPO’s retractable camera solution? Let us know in the comments below. 

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