Oppo and OnePlus Forced to Stop sales in Germany

Furqan Shahid


Oppo and OnePlus Forced to Stop sales in Germany

Oppo and OnePlus, two of the biggest smartphone manufacturers have officially withdrawn from selling devices in Germany. While those who do own the phones by these companies in the country will continue to receive the support, those who are looking to shift to these phones will have to look at other options.

Oppo and OnePlus Have Been Essentially Stealing from Nokia By Not Paying 5G Patent Fees

In the first half of July, earlier this year, a court case was finalized between Oppo and Nokia. These days, we all know Nokia for supplying 5G technology equipment that plays a huge part in connectivity, mainly in Europe. The court case determined that Oppo and OnePlus had been using 5G technology in their smartphones without paying for the patents, which basically would mean stealing from Nokia.

After the ruling had come put, Oppo went for a different route and appealed the decision and tried to save itself and the smartphones from getting banned. Sadly, it does not look like it is going to work because Oppo phones are no longer up for sale in Germany.

If you head over to Oppo's German website, you only get a couple of pages to explore. You get access to an about page, info on ColorOS, and a support section. The website also has a clear notice that lets the customers know that those who already own an Oppo device will continue to receive support in those regions along with updates in that region.

The OnePlus' German website, on the other hand, is a bit more active. However, it is a false positive, as when you do go to a "Buy now" section, you come with a 404, which bars you from going any further. Similarly, OnePlus has not acknowledged the situation but there is a chance that the company might update the regional website later down the road.

As far as the future of both Oppo and OnePlus devices is concerned in Germany and Europe, we have very little information to go on. We do know that the court dispute was not limited to Germany, so this could actually be the first domino in this situation. However, Oppo could go ahead and file an appeal to the case at some point in the future. Whatever the case might be, it is safe to say that Oppo and Nokia will have to reach an agreement before things can proceed.

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