ONE XPLAYER Mini launches with an AMD Ryzen 7 and a bigger battery

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ONE XPLAYER Mini launches with an AMD Ryzen 7 and a bigger battery

One-Netbook, the company behind the ONE XPLAYER Mini we reviewed earlier this year, is launching a new version of the handheld gaming PC, this time powered by an AMD processor. Specifically, it comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor, which replaces the Intel Core i7-1195G7 that’s in the original model.

In addition to the new processor, this AMD-based model comes with a couple of big upgrades. For one thing, it now has a larger battery, with a 12,600mAh unit replacing the previous 10,455mAh one. That’s a significant increase, and it’s a welcome one considering battery life was one of our biggest problems with the original model. ONE XPLAYER says you can expect the device to last up to three hours while playing an intensive game, or up to 9 hours for video playback.

On top of that, this new model adds another very welcome feature – a gyroscope. Gyro controls became more popular with the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii, but thankfully, other companies are catching on. Valve also included a gyroscope in the Steam Deck, and this is a feature you’ll definitely appreciate if you play a lot of shooters or other games that require precise aiming.

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Performance-wise, the AMD Ryzen CPU should be significantly better in terms of multi-core performance compared to Intel’s offering, since it has double the cores and threads. In terms of graphics, though, the difference shouldn’t be as significant. Some may have preferred if this was available with an AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPU, which has upgraded graphics, but that’s not the case.

Aside from that, the console hardware is essentially the same. You get a 7-inch Full HD+ (1920 x 1200) touchscreen, Xbox-style controls, an ergonomic design, and some ports – two USB Type-C ports, one USB Type-A, and a headphone jack. You also get 16GB of RAM and up to 2TB of SSD storage. The base model includes 512GB of storage, which isn’t too bad either. There is a difference though, because AMD processors don’t support Thunderbolt, so the USB Type-C ports don’t let you connect an external GPU.

The ONE XPLAYER Mini AMD is available for pre-order today, starting at $999, but that’s a special pre-order price for one day only. Prices will go up during the pre-order period, and the official price after April 17 will be starting at $1,259. You’re getting a pretty big discount with the pre-order, so it’s definitely worth taking a look if you’re interested in a device like this. You can check it out on the ONE XPLAYER website.

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