NZXT Announces the Launch of Function 2 Keyboards and Lift 2 Mice

NZXT Function Lift 2 Mice

NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today unveiled its latest gaming gear: the Function 2 Keyboards and the Lift 2 Series Mice. Focusing on high performance, precision, and user-centric design that empower gamers to play to their full potential. NZXT's Function 2 keyboards epitomize the brand's dedication to elite gaming performance. Featuring an 8,000 Hz polling rate and rapid linear 40 g optical switches with adjustable actuation at either 1 mm or 1.5 mm, they ensure every gamer can fine-tune their experience. For people who want to customize their keyboard, hot-swappable switch sockets allow for gamers to effortlessly change switches with four 35 g and four 45 g optical switches using the provided keycap and switch puller tools, eliminating any need for soldering. Additionally, each keyboard comes equipped with two supplementary switch types with different actuation forces, allowing immediate experimentation and personalization.

But performance isn't the only focus of the Function 2 series. Durability and style are intertwined, thanks to the doubleshot PBT keycaps featuring crisp, fade-resistant legends. The improved pre-lubed switches and plate-mounted stabilizers guarantee smooth, solid keystrokes. To further elevate the user experience, a dual layer of sound-dampening foam has been integrated to absorb unwanted noise. The keyboard's top plate, crafted from thick aerospace-grade aluminium, adds both strength and style. Moreover, with a standard bottom row, the Function 2 supports aftermarket keycaps, broadening customization options.

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