NVIDIA Fires Back at Hackers By Encrypting 1 TB Stolen Data & Successfully Ransomed Their Systems

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NVIDIA Fires Back at Hackers By Encrypting 1 TB Stolen Data & Successfully Ransomed Their Systems

Yesterday's cyberwar attack at NVIDIA seems to have been initiated by a group of hackers based in South America as alleged by underground group, Vx-underground.

NVIDIA Fired Back at Hackers By Encrypting Its Stolen Data & Installing Malware On Hacker Machines

Vx-underground states that LAPSU$, an extortion group, operating out of South America is claiming responsibility for the cyberwar attack that infiltrated NVIDIA's servers a few days ago. It is claimed that over 1 TB of NVIDIA's proprietary data was exfiltrated however NVIDIA was quick to react and successfully managed to breach the hackers with its own response.

LAPSU$ extortion group, a group operating out of South America, claim to have breached NVIDIA and exfiltrated over 1TB of proprietary data.

LAPSU$ claims NVIDIA performed a hack back and states NVIDIA has successful ransomed their machines

Intel and photos courtesy of @S0ufi4n3 pic.twitter.com/fXcTNqgIpW

— vx-underground (@vxunderground) February 26, 2022

The same group claims that NVIDIA performed a hack back by not only encrypting all of its data that was stolen but by attacking the hackers with ransomware. The ransomware is alleged to be installed on the private machine used by the hackers but they were able to make a backup of the files (which is currently a rumor).

An $NVDA spokesman said: “We are investigating an incident. We don’t have any additional information to share at this time."

Via The Telegraph

Once again, based on the previous report from The Telegraph, it was stated that the hackers were able to access NVIDIA's mailing server which is why the system was unresponsive over the last few days and they were also 'allegedly' able to install malware on NVIDIA's software distribution server. The only response from NVIDIA so far has been that they are currently investigating the true nature of this attack but in any case, this seems like a case of hackers getting a dose of their own. You can see pictures from the hacking group below claiming how NVIDIA are criminals for installing ransom on their machines while they were the ones who conducted the attack & stole confidential files in the first place:

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