Nothing’s Second Smartphone Will Light Up the Summer

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Nothing’s Second Smartphone Will Light Up the Summer

At a glance, the Nothing Phone 1 may seem a bit gimmicky—it lights up, it’s got a weird name, and so on. But the Phone 1 is a solid device with a very appealing price tag. Now, Nothing is gearing up to launch its second smartphone, the creatively-named Nothing Phone 2.

The news here is pretty straightforward. Nothing says that the Phone 2 will launch in “summer 2023” and confirms that a U.S. launch will occur at some point (possibly after the U.K. and Europe launch). The Phone 1 never got an official U.S. release (though it got plenty of coverage in North America), so we’re happy to see Nothing come to its senses.


Phone (2) is coming summer 2023.

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— Nothing (@nothing) May 3, 2023

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Along with this release window, Nothing shared a short animation to tease the Phone 2. It’s really just an illustration of some white hardware with a red blinking light (maybe a notification LED). The original Nothing Phone has a bunch of integrated lights, so it’s safe to assume that the Phone 2 will create a light show of its own.

An exact launch date for the Nothing Phone 2 is unknown. But if you want to be the first to see the phone, register for Nothing’s launch event. The company will email you new information and give you a heads-up when a launch date is set.

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