Nintendo Switch Finally Caught The Pokémon TV App

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Pokémon TV logo above a Nintendo Switch with scenes of Pokémon series


Good news, Pokémon fans! Now you can spend even more time with your favorite franchise on your Nintendo Switch, thanks to the new Pokémon TV app that just hit the console. The app features hundreds of episodes of the Pokémon anime along with some animated specials.

The fun app is currently available on mobile and tablet devices, along with select smart TVs, but now you can download and enjoy it on your Switch! From the app, you can access a selection of individual episodes and some full seasons of Pokémon the Series, where you can watch Ash’s journey from Kanto to Galar.

Attention all Trainers! #PokemonTV is now available on #NintendoSwitch, featuring full episodes of #PokemonTheSeries, exciting matches from the world of @PlayPokemon, new Junior content for tiny Trainers, and more!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 26, 2021

With Pokémon TCG, the app is also a great place to read new training tips and watch select matches, so you’ll be ready for your next Pokémon battle. The app’s library of videos will be regularly refreshed and updated with new content, so you’ll always have something to watch.

There will also be a Junior category within the free app that’s perfect for junior Pokémon fans and Trainers. Though they can still access the other series and videos, this category will also allow them to access more age-appropriate stuff, like sing-along songs, nursery rhymes, and more.

Source: Pokémon via Engadget

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