New NVIDIA Broadcast Update Won’t Cut Your Audio When You Scream

Andrew Heinzman

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The NVIDIA Broadcast sound-reduction menu.


NVIDIA Broadcast is one of the best tools in a livestreamer’s arsenal, especially for gamers who need to cut keyboard noises or room echo out of their broadcast. But Broadcast’s automatic noise removal tool has one terrible problem—it cuts audio when livestreamers scream. A new 1.3 update addresses the issue, though, and brings a few small improvements to the Broadcast software.

For the uninformed, livestreamers like to yell into their microphone during intense moments (especially if they’re gaming). It hypes up the audience and creates a lot of meme-worthy moments, so audio dropouts are a big no-no. The NVIDIA Broadcast 1.3 update uses a smarter AI that, according to NVIDIA, will retain a streamer’s screams.

The new AI is also better at identifying high-pitched voices, which is a notable improvement. Just imagine how much better Broadcast will work for people who have a very loud, high-pitched voice!

NVIDIA is also expanding camera support with the 1.3 update, allowing streamers to use more capture cards and virtual cameras with the Broadcast software. Some of the most notable products now supported by Broadcast are the Canon EOS Webcam Utility, Nikon Webcam Utility, Sony Webcam Utility, and OBS Virtual Camera.

Finally, this 1.3 update addresses system performance issues when “stacking” effects (a feature introduced with the 1.2 update in May). NVIDIA says that Broadcast 1.3 reduces VRAM usage by over 40%, which should help PC gamers maintain solid gaming performance in spite of their ridiculous, extremely complicated Broadcast setup.

Source: NVIDIA

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