New Leak Suggests Google Could Double the Pixel 6’s Wireless Charging Speeds

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With Google’s highly anticipated Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro coming right around the corner, we’re starting to see more leaks regarding accessories and smaller details. This week, a new leak reveals that Google could nearly double the wireless charging speed on the Pixel 6 with the launch of an all-new Pixel Stand.

According to AndroidPolice, Google will likely release a new Pixel Stand for the Pixel 6 lineup that features a built-in fan and a faster 23-watt charging system. The site revealed images from retail sources showing the input of select accessories, including the new “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand.”

As a comparison, the original Pixel Stand only offered 12W charging and topped out at 10w on the Pixel, which at the time was faster than most on the market. This leak potentially confirms a new Pixel Stand built for the Pixel 6 that’ll offer faster charging than any previous Pixel device.

leaked Pixel 6 stand info


Obviously, a 23-watt fast wireless charger isn’t the fastest these days, as brands including OnePlus offer 50-watt options. That said, this would make Google’s Pixel 6 wirelessly charge faster than big competition from Samsung or Apple.

We don’t have any other information to go on at this point, but it looks like we won’t have to wait long. Google could potentially release the Pixel 6 and its accessories in September or sometime within the first few weeks of October.

via AndroidPolice

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