A new Huawei P50 Pocket might be on the way

Max Freeman-Mills


A new Huawei P50 Pocket might be on the way

It hasn't been too long since Huawei launched its classy folding clamshell phone, the P50 Pocket, but time waits for no one in the smartphone world.

Now, it looks like Huawei might be preparing a follow-up device with some upgraded components, thanks to a certification result spotted by Android Headlines.

TENAA certification is a classic way for phones that will eventually come out in China to get leaked, and that's what has happened here, with images of the device making it all but certain that it's a P50 Pocket follow-up.

The photos are interesting, though - they show off a very different design compared to the shiny metallic finish of the last phone. This one is way closer to the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Flip 4, with a two-tone look.

That lower half might seemingly be made of leather, too, which would make this a pretty unique-feeling phone in the hand, on a few levels, if so.

The only actual spec listed in the certification is the size of the phone's battery, which has got a modest bump up to 4,260mAh, which seems like a welcome addition in any case.

We liked the P50 Pocket when we tested it earlier this year, although the lack of Google Play services is obviously still a major issue, and the price is pretty extreme - if Huawei can do something about the latter, it could well start to compete more evenly with Samsung on the folding phone front.

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