Neat Reveals Its First Microphone After Turtle Beach Buyout

Andrew Heinzman

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The Neat Skyline mic on a desk.


Quirky microphone brand Neat was purchased by Turtle Beach back in January. And while the company hasn’t gotten any less quirky, its newest microphone is a bit … strange. Meet the Skyline, an “elegant” and affordable USB condenser microphone that’s shaped like a skyscraper.

The Neat Skyline costs just $70 and features 44-bit, 96kHz audio (better than the Blue Yeti on paper). It connects to your computer via USB cable and has a very large mute button. Because it’s a condenser microphone, it should work at a comfortable distance and deliver high-quality audio, though it doesn’t pack any noise-cancellation features.

From a price perspective, the Neat Skyline looks like a great product. But I’m honestly a bit hung up on the design. It looks very corporate, like something you’d find in a meeting room or on the desk of a CEO. The Skyline is a far cry from the fun and quirky mics released before Neat was purchased by Turtle Beach, such as the King Bee.

You can now pre-order the Skyline for $70 at the Neat website. Price-wise, it’s a compelling alternative to popular desktop mics like the Blue Yeti.

Neat Skyline


Neat Skyline

]( "Neat Skyline")

The Neat Skyline desktop USB microphone delivers 44-bit audio at 96kHz. It’s a killer budget option at just $70.

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