Muoverti’s New Stationary Bike Tilts to Imitate Real-World Cycling

Andrew Heinzman

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The Muoverti TiltBike in pink.


Stationary bikes make it easy to work out at home or endurance for real-world cycling. But for whatever reason, sitting on a fake bike and staring at a TV just doesn’t feel “real.” That’s why Muoverti is developing the TiltBike, a stationary bike that you tilt and steer when cycling through 3D worlds.

There are several benefits to riding a tilt-able stationary bike. For me, the big selling point is that it’s fun. But as Muoverti explains, tilting gives you a more immersive indoor riding experience, it helps to fully engage your core, and it can improve your balance for real-world riding.

Interestingly, the TiltBike features interchangeable parts so you can quickly swap frames, seats, or handlebars. It also packs some joysticks and buttons for Xbox games like Riders Republic, although I suppose you could use these controls in any game (like the guy on YouTube that uses Nintendo’s exercise controller to play Zelda).

Of course, several people have questioned whether the TiltBike is practical or not. If it can’t imitate the conditions that facilitate real-world tilting (AKA the threat of eating pavement), won’t it feel like one of those cheesy rideable motorcycle arcade games?

While we haven’t had the opportunity to try a TiltBike, Muoverti says that electromagnetic resistance algorithms help simulate wind and rolling resistance. The company is also very enthusiastic about tilting while braking on its stationary bike, which might feel really cool if the physics are simulated properly.

Muoverti hasn’t announced pricing for its TiltBike, but similar products like the BowFlex VeloCore cost thousands of dollars. It should launch sometime in 2022 and will be available with or without a display, depending on your preference (or budget).

Source: Muoverti via Engadget

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