Moto G200 brings Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship power to mid-price range

Mike Lowe


At the beginning of 2021 Motorola rejigged its G series line-up, the idea that the devices with bigger numbers would deliver the bigger features. And now, before 2021 is out, the Chicago-based company is launching its top-end G series model: the Moto G200.

This handset, which is the next step in evolution over the earlier G100, brings the top-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor into this mid-price range, while advancing the design, upping the camera ante, and doing away with the not-much-loved dual front-facing camera arrangement.

With a European price of €449.99, the G200 represents Motorola's want to take on some of its successful competition, such as OnePlus, and deliver more flagship specification without the typically flagship price.

Key to that spec is the new camera arrangement. A trio of lenses on the rear are each semi 'sunken' into the body to help negate excessive protrusion, which is a great design detail. The depth sensor and 13-megapixel ultra-wide are par for the course for many handsets at present, but it's the main lens, at 108-megapixels, that will garner the most attention. This main snapper uses a nine-in-one processing technique to deliver 12-megapixel results.

Elsewhere the G200 delivers a 6.7-inch screen with up to 144Hz refresh rate. Which, if it sounds familiar, is because it's the same OLED panel that you'll find on Motorola's Edge 20. Which is also where things get a little bit complicated, really, as the G200 and Edge 20 are very similar in specification - the main difference is the G series' higher power processor, greater battery capacity (at 5000mAh) and bigger asking price.

How far the Moto G series has come, though, from once budget only handsets to powerful mid-priced devices such as this G200, it's a new era for this range's reach and therefore meaning.

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