Mobile World Congress asked us to imagine a world where phones bend to our needs

Allison Johnson

The Verge

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress, like any good trade show, tries to present us with the best of what’s possible now and a vision for what’s coming next. Which translates to a lot of questions, particularly about the future of phones, like:

“What if phones, but controlled with your eyes?”

“What if phones, but make them fashion?”

“What if phones, but on your face? Or in your car?”

“What if phones, but color-changing for no reason?”

Honestly, this is the stuff trade shows are made of, and I absolutely love it. Where else are you going to see a transparent laptop? Definitely not at Best Buy.

But this year’s show seemed centered on one particular question: what does it look like for our mobile technology to bend itself to fit our lives a little...

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