Mobile gamers rejoice! The Samsung Galaxy S22 may have ray tracing

Adrian Willings


Smartphone giant Samsung has revealed that its next-gen Exynos chipset will support ray tracing, which will mean a more realistic and believable gaming experience.

The Exynos 2200 chipset is predicted to be powering the company's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22. That chipset will bring a number of upgrades in terms of performance, camera capabilities and connectivity but also is said to include graphical upgrades in the form of ray tracing as well. 

Until recently, ray tracing has mostly been restricted to PC gaming through Nvidia graphics cards, DirectX and Vulkan and more recently AMD GPUs as well. The next-gen consoles have had a taste of ray tracing too and now it seems the future may include ray tracing on phones. 

Ray tracing is essentially a graphical rendering technique that emulates the way real light behaves and creates more believable lighting and shadows in-game. 

If the Samsung Galaxy S22 supports ray tracing that would certainly be a first for mobile gaming. Though there is a question about which games would make the most of it as there aren't currently any mobile games that do. That said, you could make use of a service like GeForce Now to stream PC grade ray tracing capable games to your phone and make the most of it that way. 

Samsung hasn't confirmed which devices the Exynos 2200 will support at this point, but it is thought the Galaxy S22 among others will run it. The chipset may appear on something like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as well. Only time will tell.

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