Microsoft to Add Native RGB Lighting Control to Windows 11



Microsoft to Add Native RGB Lighting Control to Windows 11

According to a blog post by Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows and Devices, Microsoft is working on native support for RGB lighting control to Windows 11. One of the big frustrations today is that almost each and every manufacturer of RGB equipped devices, or motherboards for that matter, have their own system when it comes to controlling the RGB lighting. This might result in multiple apps having to be installed and they often don't communicate with each other. There's obviously some interoperability, but it's still quite poor, so now it appears that Microsoft has taken things into their own hands.

However, the blog post which covers a lot of other topics as well, doesn't provide any details of a user interface. Microsoft calls its solution to the problem for Dynamic Lighting and it's supposed to be part of the Windows settings. The blog post mentions that Dynamic Lighting will be released in this month's insider build as a preview, so hopefully we should have a better idea of what Microsoft supports and how much user control there will actually be. That said, it seems like Microsoft is expecting the various hardware manufacturers to add support for Dynamic Lighting as well, so it's highly likely that we'll still see plenty of unsupported hardware out there.

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