Mi Band 7 could come with a bigger display, AOD support, GPS, Smart Alarm, and more

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Mi Band 7 could come with a bigger display, AOD support, GPS, Smart Alarm, and more

Xiaomi’s Mi Band lineup dominates the affordable fitness tracker space and for good reason. Since its debut in 2014, the Mi Band lineup has offered an impressive set of fitness tracking features at an insanely affordable price. And Xiaomi has added new features with each annual update. Last year’s Mi Band 6 brought several improvements over the Mi Band 5, including a larger and more vibrant display, an SpO2 sensor, more dedicated workout modes, and better battery life. According to a new leak, the upcoming Mi Band 7 will take things a step further and offer an even larger display, AOD support, built-in GPS, a Smart Alarm feature, and more.

Mi Band 7 model number leak Mi Band 7 screen size leak

From left: Mi Band 7 marketing name, model number, and display resolution (Credit: Logger)

The leak in question comes from Magical Unicorn, who has a decent track record of leaking info about unreleased Mi Bands and Huami wearables. The leak reveals that the Mi Band 7 will go by the codename “L66” and model numbers M2129B1 and M2130B1. It will feature a slightly larger display with a 192 x 490p resolution, AOD support for a few watch faces, and a host of workout modes, ranging from Aerobics to Zumba.

Mi Band 7 AOD watchfaces leak

AOD watch faces for the Mi Band 7 (Credit: Logger)

Furthermore, the leak reveals that the Mi Band 7 could feature built-in GPS support. However, we’re not sure of that at the moment, as the leaked firmware for the Mi Band 6 also suggested that it would feature built-in GPS support, but the final product didn’t come with the feature. In addition, the leak states that the Mi Band 7 will include a Smart Alarm feature, which will automatically wake you up from light sleep 30 minutes before your predefined alarm. Lastly, the leak adds that the Mi Band 7 could feature a new Power Savings mode to improve battery life.

Xiaomi is yet to make any official announcements about its next-gen fitness tracker. But since the company launched the Mi Band 6 towards the end of March last year, we expect it to share more details in the next few weeks.

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